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NRP Jones ISO-9001:2015 Certified Quality System
API 7K FSL 1 temp range 2 Certified


Introducing the Service Rotary Line

Apr 15, 2015

NRP Jones is proud to introduce our new Service Rotary Line which includes several new and exciting products to help better serve your needs. This new line will include cementing hose, a service line rotary, hydrostatic hydraulic hose, and high pressure transfer hose.

We'll go to Great Lengths to Meet Your Needs

Apr 15, 2015

Here at NRP Jones, we consistently strive to meet our customer’s needs. When you ask, we listen. That is why we have put our minds to the test and have developed a line of Coastguard Monogrammed SAEJ1527 hose.

NRP Jones Reaches Further into the Oilfield Market with 16C

Apr 15, 2015

NRP Jones has been certified to couple API 7K monogrammed rotaries for many years. While this specification has been a standard in the marketplace, with continuous advancements in the field of oil drilling and exploration, the demands become increasingly more strenuous.