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NRP Jones ISO-9001:2015 Certified Quality System
API 7K FSL 1 temp range 2 Certified

NRP Jones Reaches Further into the Oilfield Market with 16C

NRP Jones has been certified to couple API 7K monogrammed rotaries for many years. While this specification has been a standard in the marketplace, with continuous advancements in the field of oil drilling and exploration, the demands become increasingly more strenuous. In an effort to better serve our customers and the market alike, NRP Jones is in the process of achieving our API 16C and K certifications. This designation, granted by the American Petroleum Institute, specifically refers to Choke and Kill Systems. A 16C monogrammed hose must meet all guidelines set forth within the specification by API and must be manufactured as such.

The API 16C and K testing guidelines are stringent through which a hose manufactured at the applying facility, following the API guidelines, is exposed to a series of circumstances determined by API. These include a hydrostatic internal pressure test, multiple bend flexibility tests, and burst testing. A second hose sample is then sent to an outside lab for exposure testing. During this series of testing, the hose is evaluated for the effects of gas permeation, gas decompression and tested for fluid exposure at a rated temperature. The goal of this type of strenuous testing is to ensure that only the most quality products are introduced into the environment, thus creating far less risk for the environment and making the oil and gas market safer for all participants.

Once a certified supplier of monogrammed API 16C and K choke and kill assemblies, NRP Jones will be available as one of 5 companies worldwide to serve the market that is now more commonly demanding choke and kill hoses with these monograms setting us apart from our competition in the oilfield marketplace and allowing us to better serve you, our customers.