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NRP Jones ISO-9001:2015 Certified Quality System
API 7K FSL 1 temp range 2 Certified

We'll go to Great Lengths to Meet Your Needs

Here at NRP Jones, we consistently strive to meet our customer's needs. When you ask, we listen. That is why we have put our minds to the test and have developed a line of Coastguard Monogrammed SAEJ1527 hose. This hose has primary uses in marine application and for that reason is often called for in coastal regions and navigational waters. We have seen this demand increase over the last several months and have met this demand with increased development on this project to push up the full launch of this line.

In past years, coastguard approved hose was only necessary for watercraft. Now it has become a necessity for almost anything on the water regardless of watercraft, is required to have coastguard monogrammed hose. This means that all oil rigs, if not now, in the near future will be required to purchase only coastguard monogrammed hose. When this happens, NRP Jones will be a proud supplier of USCG monogrammed hose to meet those needs.

Due to the stringent testing required with not only the flexibility of the hose, but also with multiple pressure variations and the ability to withstand extreme differences in atmosphere and ozone, any customer can be assured that they are receiving the utmost quality hose capable of withstanding the most extreme elements of the sea, sun and weather.

Our rubber manufacturing facility in Nephi, Utah has experienced dramatic improvements by way of adopting many lean manufacturing processes that will allow NRP Jones to become increasingly more competitive in areas that require additional development and engineering. With the addition of accomplished team members, we are poised for growth and quickly gaining ground in areas where we have identified opportunities, like this one, that we can better serve the marketplace.